Development Activities

Development Activities:-


  1. Rubber plantation:- Since 2008, the department has been raising rubber plantation for the poor Reang families having  either jote land or khas land under their procession @    1 hactor per family on an average with 100% grant given by the government.






  1. Agri & Horti based scheme:- Schemes for cultivation of vegetable and fruits like banana, litchi, pine apple, lemon etc is sanctioned and implemented for the poor PTG beneficiaries with the financial help of the government.


  1. Skill Development :- training on various trades like electrician, motor driving, auto servicing, tailoring etc is imparted to the poor unemployed beneficiaries at the expense of the department.



  1. Mobile Medical Units :- In the remote PTG hamlets, health camps are organized regularly by the 4(four) mobile medical units headed by the medical officers with free distribution of medicines etc. The departmental medical officers participated in the administrative camps regularly organized by the District Administration.   


  1. Construction of dwelling house :- IAY type dwelling houses are constructed by this department for the poor PTG beneficiaries








  1. Conservation of Reang Culture :- For conservation of traditional culture and heritage of the PTG, folk dance is encouraged and community halls were constructed with provision of financial assistance to the artists and NGOs. At Dasamani Para in Gomati District, a cultural centre was set up to practice “Hojagiri” dance of the Reangs which recently earned name and fame internationally. 
  2. Infrastructural Development :- To develop the remote PTG hamlets through link road, foot bridge, community hall etc are constructed by the department.

  1. Business :- Market stalls are constructed for the poor unemployed youth to improve the economic conditions through self reliance.



  1. Educational awareness programme:- This programme is organized in the remote PTG hamlets, in addition to sanction of stipend, coaching facilities etc to the poor PTG students.



  1. Education development :- For improving the educational standard of the PTG students, special coaching is given through the special coaching centres to the PTG students at the primary level. One time insensitive is also given to the PTG students studying at graduate and post-graduation level.
  2. Domestic Solar lantern: - Solar light is distributed among the poor PTG beneficiaries living in the interior areas which are not electrified as yet.


  1. Bamboo cultivation: - For economic upliftment of the PTG, bamboo plantation is raised for the poor PTG beneficiaries who do not generally have jote land but living in the forest patta land.


  1. Animal husbandry :-       Free distribution of pig lets, goats, milch cows etc are distributed to the poor PTG beneficiaries as per technical guide lines so that they can achieve self reliance by rearing these domestic animals.




  1. Community Hall :- It is used for Community Meeting & Festivals.

  1. Multipurpose Training Centre:- This Center is used for Skill-upgradation.

  1. Public Health Centre  :- Health Camps & Health awareness  Campaign are organized in these centres.